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  1. David Buckle
    Mon, Aug 9, 5:29 PM (3 days ago)
    to ThreeCrows

    fIRSTLY, thank you for responding!
    It’s rare event people even my sibs
    respond, unless ‘m in need or some
    thing’s serious… love the etsy shop!

    ThreeCrows Metalworks (threecrowsmetalworks@gmail.com)
    David Buckle required a head-injury, a death of most of my ability.
    my personal sin involved a girl, not a woman or lady; you think the
    act of “making love” outside of a commitment to one another very
    spiritually, disregard the commandment at your so significant sin.
    you need to follow the commandments, not suggestion. having it
    our way deserves wrath. you might pass off my warning, but only
    at your peril. just as the covid-18 sufferers in their final stages tell
    healthy folks to avoid their own faulty behavior. this is all so very
    simple. now some think an orgasm is so worthy. a fleeting joy that
    serves such blows to one’s soul-covering in eventual behavior. you
    will believe, or not. sex is a great thing. but as long as you wish for
    yourself being in control of ‘your’ life. took breaking my entire life
    for me to accept His will took my playing Him in strict punishment.
    There is so much awaiting your soul. If it be His will for me to die in
    this day or month it must be in the plan. who am i to fault that one?
    look, you’ve been briefed. live as you wish, we’re all going to die, it’s
    foolish to speeded the process. peace brother and sister.


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